Cloud Box Garden

Cloud Box Garden

The design mitigates the aggressive grade change from the house to the public sidewalk with soft terraces, and creates private definition with a large hedge "box" that opens to the street.

Cloud Box Garden is a dream-like “decompression chamber” between the outside, public world, and the inside, private world of the home. Within the Cloud Garden, the plants take the role of a shimmering atmosphere that blends with or concentrates the air, light, and sky beyond. At the base of the steps, one is fully immersed in silvery foliage. As one ascends to the level of the house, the plants part and become a ‘cloud layer’ below that softly insulates the calm realm of the home and serves as the horizon for views out.


Location: Seattle, WA
Size: 0.075 acres
Client: Confidential
Completion Date: 2014

Project Team

GGN, Landscape Architect
Nussbaum Group, Landscape Contractor and Maintenance

Services Provided

Conceptual Design–Construction Administration