CityCenterDC is a new, pedestrian-oriented, 18-hour mixed-use neighborhood in the heart of Washington, DC. By re-introducing the original street grid of Washington’s L’Enfant plan, the project design divided a 10-acre superblock into a grid of new, fine-grained streets. The project’s landscape design includes a diverse network of interlocking public open spaces: pedestrian alleys, neighborhood streets, plazas, and a neighborhood park. At the upper levels, new buildings incorporate multiple landscaped terraces and green roofs.
One of the key components of the landscape is The Park at CityCenter. The undulating stone surfaces of the park’s fountains accentuate the water's flow and create beautiful shadow patterns that change continually. Like the park, The Plaza at CityCenter hosts a robust public activation program of markets, classes, and performances. Throughout CityCenterDC, the landscapes feel serenely grounded and comfortable at all times – whether bustling with crowds, offering moments of contemplation, or doing both at once.

More information on this project can be found on the CityCenterDC website. 

Photo: Daniel Swartz