Alex McCay



Alex McCay balances theory, criticism, and pragmatism in his approach to his urban design thinking on how cities are reinventing themselves today. With a background in business and finance followed by a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Pennsylvania State University, Alex addresses the complex development issues facing urban environments by drawing from a wide spectrum of ecological, social, and design research.

Through an ongoing mix of travel, study, and work he has experienced the surprising, evolving, and often contradictory interplay of elements and systems that impact the landscape. In his role as a landscape designer, Alex looks to give shape to these various forces in the landscape through extensive analytical research, drawing and modeling in both physical and digital mediums. 

Along with his work at GGN, and growing out of his graduate capstone project, Alex continues his involvement with biologists and conservationists in the initial planning and implementation of an elephant corridor for the South Tanzania Elephant Project in Iringa, Tanzania.