Annaliese Chapa



A native of the Pacific Northwest, Annaliese Chapa grew up in Portland, Oregon, moving to Seattle to attend the University of Washington where she received a BFA in Industrial Design. After a number of years as a product designer, she sought a way to use design for greater social and environmental good. Her desire to connect people to each other and to the land brought her into the field of landscape architecture. In 2018 she received her MLA from the University of California, Berkeley.

Upon graduating from UC Berkeley, Annaliese received the Geraldine Knight Scott Travel Fellowship to study the relationship of earth, craft, and process of productive landscapes in Southeast Asia. The research spanned four months and covered the methods through which material is extracted from the land, the items made from these extracted materials, and the current status of historically productive landscapes. She is particularly interested in understanding how humanity’s focus on production shapes our relationship with our landscapes.

Now back in Seattle, Annaliese is excited to learn more from the communities that shaped her values about how landscape can be highly recreational, productive, and protected at the same time. She brings her experience in strategic planning, creative leadership, and industrial design to GGN. Her passion for creating strong emotional and physical connections between people, site, city, and the environment drives her creative process.