Bainbridge Island Residence

Bainbridge Island Residence

Situated on a bluff overlooking the Puget Sound, this one-acre garden emulates the native landform and interprets Northwest plants in conceptual bands and drifts of color and texture. Surrounding the garden on three sides a yew hedge shapes the ‘hedge room’; its sheared, interior hedge face creates a backdrop and contrast to the distinctive texture of the garden. The site is entered at the highest elevation. A progression of color descends through the site from light cream flowering plants at the natural high point to the final gradient palette of receding blue-toned flowering plants at the bluff’s crest, providing a foreground to the expansive views of Hidden Cove and Port Madison.


Location: Bainbridge Island, WA
Size: 1 acre
Client: Confidential
Completion Date: 2007


LMN Architects, Architect
GGN, Landscape Architect

Services provided

Design – Construction


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