Jess Vetrano

Design Intern


Jess Vetrano joins GGN as an intern while she completes her MLA at the University of Washington, where she will graduate in June 2019. Her previous degrees include a Bachelors in Architecture and a Bachelors in Urban Studies, with a Minor in Sustainability, from the University of Minnesota. Jess utilized this training to work as an urban planner in Minneapolis with a focus on public projects.

Jess’s path of study, encompassing the design fields of the urban environment, has centered around her goal of developing a fuller understanding of urban design. Her work on the Redondo Beach Artificial Reef Studio that was featured in LAM furthered this expertise by moving below the shoreline and exploring how urban environments intertwine with marine ecologies. She recently engaged in the ULI Hines Student Competition that allowed her to collaborate across disciplines to entirely reimagine 13 acres of Cincinnati’s riverfront.