Joanie Walbert



Joanie Walbert came to landscape architecture through a background in architecture and an interest in its cultural and psychological conversations. Having received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, she then pursued dual Master of Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture degrees at Washington University in St. Louis. 

The research she considers her ongoing project began in the Republic of Georgia. Here she followed water-based infrastructure through the country’s diverse ecoregions, ultimately studying the relationship between local landscape manipulation practices and regional hydrology.  Georgia is a country strongly unified by national pride, but highly diverse in its landscapes and ways of living. The interplay of national identity, local tradition, and ecological circumstance drove her cultural and ecological investigations.

A native of Connecticut, Joan has traveled extensively and has studied in St. Louis, Copenhagen, and Helsinki. Comfortable with many media, Joanie enjoys the precision and honesty of technical drawing, as well as the textural evocations of collage and three-dimensional clay models.