Kathryn Miller

Design INtern


Kathryn Miller is engaged by landscape architecture’s ability to influence community and shape social function through the power of design.  Her studies in the relationship dynamics of ecologies at various scales view human interaction as part of a larger system that can be expressed through the creation of public spaces.

She received her Bachelor in Landscape Architecture from Philadelphia University where she focused on the translation of community engagement practices into design outcomes.  Before her internship with GGN, Kathryn worked in a variety of research, design, and public-outreach settings in the eastern United States that spanned ecology, entomology, and landscape design. These elements are most notably expressed through the design of a small park extension for the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Philadelphia, PA.

Kathryn is excited about the move to the West Coast and looks forward to exploring the neighborhoods of Seattle and the diverse landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.