Katia Rios



An MLA graduate of the University of Arizona, Katia Rios's experience of the Sonoran Desert made her sensitive to unique ecological considerations and the necessity of water harvesting, green infrastructure, stormwater management, and the celebration of the environmental context in design. Katia’s background in International Studies informs her practice of Landscape Architecture. She is especially attuned to how landscape and culture inform one another, and the subtle influences that connect people to place. At GGN, she has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, both public and private, ranging from the City Center Connector Streetcar in Seattle, to an eco-resort off the coast of Belize. 

Katia’s Master’s report focused on the 1936 Olympic Village outside of Berlin, which is an emblem and microcosm of Germany’s complex history. Among issues of historical and cultural interpretation, Katia’s report focuses on time’s influence on infrastructure and landscapes in the context of environmental processes, as well as the potential for nature to be a healing force in landscapes imbedded in narratives of power, so that these sites can become places for community activation and healing.

Katia grew up balancing her time between Germany and the United States, and she has traveled extensively.