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Maggie Bench

Maggie Bench

The Maggie Bench was conceived as a seating element that would express the form of the human body in an elegant and timeless manner. The bench creates a sleek, fluid form that delicately perches above the ground plane. The form was sculpted in clay and then modeled at full scale to find an ergonomic shape that would provide comfort for the broadest range of people.

Two contoured panels create the seat and back, spanning up to eight feet between the ends. The arms and legs are cast as a single aluminum form on each end.

The Maggie Bench was first designed for Millennium Park and was named for the wife of Chicago’s Mayor Richard Daley, in honor of her years of service to the City of Chicago and in celebration of her recovery from cancer.


Location: Chicago, IL
Client: Millennium Park Inc.
Completion Date: 2004

Project Team

GGN, Designer
Landscape Forms, Fabricator

Services Provided

Furniture Design


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