Mercer Court & UW Farm

Mercer Court & UW Farm

Mercer Court is a new model of urban farming and student housing in the West Campus neighborhood of the University of Washington. Situated on 4.5 acres with a capacity for over 1000 students, this student community relates to the existing mixed-use neighborhood, creates unique community connections, and integrates an urban farm into the housing and food services program.
The housing is designed as a series of five slim, light-filled ‘fingers’ that allow southern sunlight to fill the terraced slopes of the UW Farm. The landscape design weaves through these terraces as three bands with distinct character. The Burke-Gilman Band features lush shade and woodland plantings, integrating a popular bicycle trail. The Horizon Plaza Band, at the mid-level, ties together a series of courtyards and social spaces. Finally, the Urban Agriculture Band, at the base of the slope, includes the UW Farm that is run by volunteers, the bulk of which are students. Raised beds, terraces, and vine walls allow for a variety of crops from fruit trees, fruiting vines and shrubs, vegetables, and herbs.



Location: Seattle, WA
Size: 4.5 acres
Client: UW Housing and Food Services
Completion Date: 2013

Project Team

Ankrom Moisan, Associated Architects
Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, Design Architect
GGN, Landscape Architect
KPFF, Consulting Engineer
Perbix Bykonen, Structural Engineer
Glumac, Lighting Designer and MEP

Services Provided

Design – Construction Administration




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