University of Washington Lower Rainier Vista Opens

July 13, 2015 - Today Lynn Porter of the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce (DJC) announced the opening of the University of Washington Lower Rainier Vista. Named for its view to Mt. Rainier, the Rainier Vista is a half-mile long pedestrian mall that visually connects Red Square to Mt. Rainier through Drumheller Fountain. It is a historic component of the University of Washington’s campus layout, and the “fountain to mountain” experience is a memorable one for generations of the university and broader communities.

Highlights of Gustafson Guthrie Nichol’s design include careful grading of the landform and a land bridge which references the gothic architecture of the University’s campus. Improved pedestrian and biking paths accommodate the Burke-Gilman Trail and allow easy access to Montlake Triangle and Husky Stadium.

"This project is about setting up a fitting, campus-quality bone structure for this place within an intersection of many transportation modes," said Founding Principal Shannon Nichol. "The project utilizes a rediscovered corner of the UW campus to complete the historic Vista monument while serving the intersecting routes of people arriving or passing through this busy place on foot, via light rail and buses, on bicycles, and in cars."

The Seattle DJC article by Lynn Porter can be read online with a subscription. The Seattle Bike Blog also covered the opening in an article by Tom Fucoloro, 
"The magnificent new UW Burke-Gilman Trail opens."

Update: Writing for the Huffington Post, J. Michael Welton of Architects + Artisans published an article on July 23 titled “In Seattle, Framing Mount Rainier.” On July 28, The Daily published an article by Mohammed Kloub titled "The fountain and the mountain, a little closer."