Kathryn Gustafson Receives the Obayashi Prize

November 19, 2014 - Today landscape architect Kathryn Gustafson received the eighth Obayashi Prize from the Obayashi Foundation in Tokyo, Japan. The Obayashi Foundation is dedicated to support comprehensive, interdisciplinary research related to cities. Previous recipients of the prize have included the economist Paul Krugman, the curator Germain Viatte, and the urban planner Zhou Ganzhi.

The Obayashi Foundation noted the reasons for selecting Kathryn Gustafson. “During her career Ms. Kathryn Gustafson has contributed numerous works to the world of landscape architecture. By perceptively reading the ecological, cultural, and historical attributes of the land and sculpting spaces that evoke a sense of unity with the site, her works let those who gather there feel physically and spiritually at one with the land, promoting integration of people and space and creating places that enrich our lives. The key to her skill lies in making the most of the special allure of the land to craft a new place, rather than simply continuing to remodel spaces with no regard to what has gone before.

“. . . Ms. Gustafson’s ideas, which focus on designing landscapes and places to revitalize our relationships with the spaces around us, have had a profound impact on people involved with various aspects of cities. Her many achievements based on these concepts help to fulfill the mission of our foundation and are truly worthy of the Obayashi Prize.”

Aria GoodmanTokyo, Japan2014