Paige Lively

Office Assistant


A native of Texas, Paige Lively fell in love with the lush landscape and climate of the Pacific Northwest on an unexpected journey up the West Coast. Since then she has called Washington State home, serving two terms with AmeriCorps as an educator, administrator, and conservationist.

History, culture, and language are deeply evocative and intertwined subjects for her; she pursued these and other interests at Seattle Pacific University and the University of Washington, researching the nature of identity and place for Russian-speaking populations outside of their homeland.

She is fascinated with the idea of home, believing ardently in the power of our surroundings to shift our conceptions of ourselves and others in transformative ways. Her diverse background in education, non-profit work, and qualitative research gives her the ability to see problems from multiple lenses. Paige is an engineer of efficiency and an organizational maven, but recognizes the importance of creating and acknowledging beauty in her daily life.