Rikerrious Geter



Rikerrious Geter is a LEED Green Associate and recent graduate of the University of Georgia College of Environment and Design. Growing up in the North Georgia Mountains, the richness of the rural and natural landscapes impressed upon him the importance of experiencing nature within urban environments. 

As a young design professional, Rikerrious examines and promotes the role landscape architecture can serve within impoverished communities. Beginning as a student ambassador and ASLA liaison at the University of Georgia, he spoke frequently at the university, to middle schools, and community organizations to advocate for the practice of landscape architecture as a means to reverse global climate change. 

A first generation graduate, Rikerrious drew his inspiration for becoming a landscape architect from a documentary about environmental issues. The short film brought an epiphany that one’s lifestyle carried a heavy carbon footprint, which could threaten the beautiful North Georgia landscape he had grown up in. Rikerrious' dedication to his education and environmental principles was borne out in his student days driving university transit buses to promote removing cars from campus and creating a better environment..

In addition to his passion for his profession and the environment, Rikerrious enjoys traveling and singing.