Seattle City Hall Plaza and Civic Center Campus

Seattle city hall plaza and Civic Center Campus

The Seattle Civic Center Campus includes the Justice Center and Seattle City Hall. The campus is located on three blocks overlooking Puget Sound. The site’s steep topography creates a sequence of perches and terraces above sheltered plazas. Art-glass walls, designed by GGN in collaboration with Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects, provide stunning backdrops as they catch the sun, reflect the sunset, and glow softly at night.

Ample circulation routes reinforce the values of an open, transparent, and accessible government. These ideals are represented by a water feature that physically flows through the campus. Starting at the Justice Center, the conceptual Headwaters begin as a small pool. Water courses through the interior of City Hall and reappears outdoors to cascade through a channel alongside the Grand Stairs. Reaching the plaza, the water pours into a shallow scrim, with jets that cause it to bubble or spike in response to current weather conditions and plaza programming.



Location: Seattle, WA
Size: 5.8 acres
Client: City of Seattle
Completion Date: 2005

Project Team

Bassetti Architects l Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Architects, a joint venture
GGN, Landscape Architect
Swift & Company, Public Process and
Site Analysis
Hoffman Construction Company,
General Contractor

Services Provided

Master Plan – Construction Administration




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