Vancouver Community Connector

Vancouver Community Connector

The winning proposal for the Vancouver Community Connector mitigates the future I-5 expansion by "putting the land back" with the intervention of a land bridge that compliments the historical buildings and landscape of Fort Vancouver. The land and the connection it fosters between the city and Fort Vancouver embrace the remarkable local vernacular, geology, and cultural heritage.

The land bridge structure and landscape echo each other’s move. Together they are sculpted to guide people from the grid of city streets through the Connector to Fort Vancouver, helping visitors transition from moving between buildings, to passing through subtle landscape walls that lead to the openness of the Fort Vancouver landscape. The Connector’s structure punctuates and delineates the landscape into a series of plates, referencing the geological history of Washington and reinforcing the notion the Connector is made up of land.






Location: Vancouver, WA
Size: 14 acres
Client: Fort Vancouver National Trust
Completion Date: 2009

Project Team

GGN, Landscape Architect
Allied Works Architecture, Architect
ARUP, Engineer
Beliz Brother, Public Artist

Services Provided

Competition and Feasibility Study




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