Washington Canal Park

Washington Canal Park

This design for an urban park in the Near Southeast neighborhood of Washington, DC encompasses three city blocks along the path of a historic canal.

GGN’s competition-winning proposal, "Collective Waters," incorporates both innovative stormwater management strategies and a rich sense of local history. It establishes the park as a neighborhood center and a vital pedestrian link between the Capitol and the Anacostia River. A boardwalk along the park’s eastern edge provides a shaded promenade, while a series of horticultural displays help to filter and cool stormwater as it passes through the site and towards the river. Historically, the boardwalk recalls the wooden construction of the original canal, and the horticultural displays interpret the marshy and agricultural past of the Near Southeast neighborhood.


Location: Washington, DC
Size: 1.8 acres
Client: Anacostia Waterfront Initiative
Completion Date: Awarded - 2006

Project Team

GGN, Landscape Architect
Magnusson Klemencic Associates, Engineer
CMS Collaborative, Inc., Fountain Designer
American History Workshop, Historian

Services Provided

Competition Design – Design Development



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