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Sara Zewde Presents at the 4th Annual Morton B. Gulak Lecture

October 25, 2016 - Sara Zewde presented at the 4th Annual Morton B. Gulak Urban and Regional Planning Lecture at the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government & Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University. In her lecture, "Design in the Southern City Now," Sara maintained that planners and designers have a unique opportunity to negotiate cultural memory in the Southern City through the design of the public realm." Sara discussed opportunities in infrastructure design, plazas and parks, streetscapes, and the Question of the Civil War Memorial. Following the lecture, Sara conducted a roundtable discussion among mayoral candidates and city officials in the city of Richmond, Virginia. 

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David Malda Presents at the ASLA Annual Meeting & Expo

October 24, 2016 – David Malda presented at the American Society of Landscape Architects Annual Meeting & Expo in New Orleans as part of the panel "History as Resource for Contemporary Street Design." Considering public streets beyond circulation needs, the panel discussed the significance and potential of the dynamic histories of streetscapes and the associated impact on culture.

The panel also consisted of Thaisa Way from the University of Washington Department of Landscape Architecture as moderator, Ann Komara from the University of Colorado Denver College of Architecture and Planning, and Ron Henderson from IIT Program of Landscape Architecture, Chicago and L+A landscape architecture. 


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Tess Schiavone Presents at the ASLA Annual Meeting & Expo

October 21, 2016 - At the American Society of Landscape Architects Annual Meeting & Expo in New Orleans, Tess Schiavone discussed the integral role of food needs within landscape architecture on the panel, "Food for Thought: Bringing Healthy Food to Urban Communities". Fellow panelists included Scott Dismukes from Firma, Britton Jones from Coen + Partners, and moderator Jela Ellefson from Eastern Market Corporation.

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GGN to Lead Design for Smith Cove Park on Seattle's Waterfront

October 5, 2016 – On Thursday, October 6, Seattle Parks and Recreation is hosting a public meeting to discuss the design of Smith Cove Park. GGN is leading the planning and design effort with Olson Kundig for this waterfront park in Seattle, WA. Smith Cove Park is located just west of Pier 91, at the foot of Magnolia Hill on Elliott Bay.

GGN is currently designing a vision plan for the 9.5 acre waterfront property. Included in the project’s first phase will be improvements to an existing sports field. GGN’s vision expands upon the traditional approach to a sports field, incorporating a natural turf, rectangular space into a larger “Field Oval” with a soft, tree-lined edge. The large oval lawn, which will be used for picnicking, pick-up games, community events, and youth soccer games, has a curvilinear geometry that draws from the history of the site as a tidal flat. Based on its unique siting, the “Field Oval” is oriented towards the water to frame views of Mt. Rainier and downtown Seattle. Access to the water’s edge will be enhanced, so that park visitors can stroll along the beach and launch a kayak into Elliott Bay.

Through the public meeting, Seattle Parks and Recreation will work with the GGN design team to incorporate community insights regarding how specific program elements are prioritized within the first phase of the project’s budget. “We’re thrilled to be working with Parks and the community to design a Seattle waterfront park on such a beautiful and historically rich site,” said Tess Schiavone, Principal. 

GGN is teaming with the exceptional thinkers at Olson Kundig, who have contributed research and analysis into the site’s connection to surrounding neighborhoods and communities, in order to evaluate programming ideas that will activate the park. The design effort is also strengthened by the contributions of Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company, Hart Crowser, Magnusson Klemencic Associates, DCW Cost Management, Niteo, and Rushing. With Seattle Parks and Recreation’s leadership, the design team looks forward to building upon the existing momentum and enthusiasm of neighborhood groups, like the Friends of Smith Cove Park, in defining what the park can be.

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Sara Zewde Presents at Clemson University

October 3, 2016 - As part of Clemson University’s School of Architecture Lecture Series, Sara presented a history and critique of the ecological paradigm in landscape architecture, “Ecologies of Memory.” In regions like the Lowcountry of South Carolina, investigating the cultural histories of landscapes can propel innovations in the way we design for ecological sensitivity. Sara presented independent design work in Brooklyn, New York; Houston, Texas; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as case studies. 

The Clemson University School of Architecture Lecture Series is made possible from support provided by the Clemson Architectural Foundation. 

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The Landscape Design of the National Museum of African American History and Culture

September 13, 2016 – The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture will open to the public September 24 as a primary exhibition space for African American history and culture, as well as a centerpiece venue for ceremonies and performances.

GGN’s landscape design integrates the museum into the larger composition of the National Mall and Washington Monument grounds, thereby creating a link to a broader American story and establishing the site as an integral component of the museum experience.

"From a landscape design perspective, what makes this museum unique is that it holds a position of both terminus and junction. It is the last museum on the National Mall, and it is also where the National Mall, Washington Monument, and White House grounds meet," said Kathryn Gustafson, Founding Principal. "Conceptually, the landscape design is symbolic of the museum's mission."

Live Oaks, Magnolias, and American Beeches are part of a diverse planting palette chosen and composed to reinforce broad themes of the museum: resiliency, spirituality, hope, and optimism. The site is designed to encourage visitors to extend the museum experience outside, and to linger and reflect on the important narratives being told within.

GGN worked with the architectural team of Freelon Adjaye Bond/SmithGroupJJR from the beginning of the project as part of the competition team. In the role of landscape architect, GGN created the site master plan, envisioned the landscape design, and oversaw landscape construction.

“The site design is really a small part of a much larger composition that has been evolving over the past 200 years. It is humbling to have had a hand in the continued evolution of this significant national space,” said Rodrigo Abela, Principal.

Photo credit: Andrew Moore

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Makie Suzuki Co-Directs Traveling Seminar

September 6, 2016 – Makie Suzuki co-directed a University of Washington traveling seminar from August 27th to September 5th, that helped students to engage in an up-close examination of Tokyo’s urban landscapes. The group also visited Taipei.

“Some see Tokyo as 'a futuristic mega-city which is systematically ordered and emits futuristic glow.’ This monolithic impression can be decoded into layers of memories of the city, functionally organized organic forms, and everyday activities of people in Tokyo. Through personal experience, students are exploring invisible aspects of Tokyo, which are weaved into and create the dynamic color of Tokyo as a whole.” Makie Suzuki, PLA, LEED AP BD+C, Associate


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Sara Zewde Presents at the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative and Kent State University

September 5, 2016 - Sara conducted a lunchtime workshop titled, “Design at the Margins of the Urban Renaissance,”  at the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC) and gave an inaugural lecture at Kent State University for local practitioners, faculty, and student on design practice in the midst of the urban renaissance. "Cities across the country are witnessing large investments in urban development and infrastructure. But, this renaissance is provoking tension. As we design the re-developing public realm, we have the opportunity to negotiate this tension, by rooting our design in the spatial traditions of the urban core." To illuminate these ideas and prompt a discussion among participants, Sara presented independent design work from Houston, Texas and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

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The Lurie Garden Design Team at the Pritzker Pavillion

August 31, 2016 –The Lurie Garden hosted a design team panel discussion at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion Stage in Millennium Park. Panelists included (from left to right) Laura Ekasetya, Lurie Garden Head Horticulturist; Piet Ouldolf of Hummelo, the Netherlands; Shannon Nichol of GGN; Roy Diblik of Northwind Perennial Farms; and moderator Scott Stewart, Ph.D., Acting Executive Director, Millennium Park Foundation and Director, Lurie Garden.

"The Lurie Garden team is excited to begin implementing the next evolutions of the garden based on this week's conversations with Piet Oudolf and Shannon Nichol." - Scott Stewart, Ph.D., Acting Executive Director, Millennium Park Foundation and Director, Lurie Garden


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Lurie Garden Design Team Panel

August 24, 2016 - The Lurie Garden has invited the public to attend a free panel discussion on Wednesday, August 31 from 6:00-8:00pm at Pritzker Stage at Millennium Park. "Lurie Garden is famous for its design, and it continues to inspire people all over the world. We have assembled a first-of its-kind discussion panel with three people who conceptualized, designed and planted Lurie Garden: Piet Ouldolf of Hummelo, the Netherlands, Shannon Nichol of Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, Roy Diblik of Northwind Perennial Farms and Laura Ekasetya, Lurie Garden Head Horticulturist." The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Scott Stewart, Acting Executive Director of the Millennium Park Foundation and Director of the Lurie Garden. A public Q & A session will be included.

Space is limited. To make a reservation, please visit the Lurie Garden website.

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New Hires at GGN

August 21, 2016 – Three talented individuals have joined the staff of GGN.

Hannah Vondrak joins GGN as a Designer. Hannah’s professional experience includes construction documentation, construction administration, and planting designs for various project types including streetscapes, campuses, and housing across the country.

Selina Yu-Han Chiu joins GGN as a Designer. Selina brings a global perspective having worked on projects in China, Colombia, and Tennessee, at design firms in Rotterdam, New York, Hong Kong, and Chicago. 

Chrystie Cottier joins GGN as an Administrator. Chrystie’s professional experience includes interior design, graphic design, visual merchandising, fashion styling, and jewelry design.

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Design Interns Join GGN

July 22, 2016 - Three talented individuals are currently participating in GGN’s internship program as Design Interns – Tiffany Megumi Gerdes, Rikerrious Geter, and Ernest Haines. Tiffany received a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Art History from Wesleyan University. She is currently pursuing a Master of Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. Rikerrious is a LEED Green Associate and recent graduate of the University of Georgia College of Environment and Design. Ernest is working on his Master of Landscape Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he is planning to pursue a concurrent degree in Master of Design with a concentration in Urbanism, Landscape, and Ecology.

GGN’s rolling internships are open to landscape architecture and architecture students or recent graduates from the United States and abroad. The GGN internship program offers exposure to many facets of contemporary landscape architectural practice.

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GGN to Design Landscape for Frost Bank Tower

July 11, 2016 - In today’s article “Frost Bank Tower Design Signals a 21st Century San Antonio,” the Rivard Report announced GGN’s role as landscape architect. Reporter Iris Dimmick explains that “as dramatic as the tower promises to be . . . the most transformative elements of the site plan are closer to the ground and on the street level surrounding the tower.”

“. . .The landscape design softens the lines between casual and commercial uses of the sidewalks and promenade.  ’It embraces the landscape,’ GGN Founding Principal Kathryn Gustafson said. ‘Landscape architecture is everything that doesn’t have a roof on it. That’s a huge part of your life.’ ”

The 400,000 sq. ft. tower is designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli for Weston Urban and its development partner KDC.

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GGN Leads Landscape Design for Long Beach Civic Center

July 8, 2016 - Today Long Beach City officials broke ground for the new 22-acre Civic Center. The new mixed-use district includes a new City Hall, Port Headquarters and Main Library, along with a re-activated Lincoln Park and new residential, retail and hotel commercial development.

“We are so pleased to be a part of the revitalization of Long Beach’s downtown civic core and look forward to seeing the collective vision of the public and project team realized,” said Jennifer Guthrie, GGN founding principal.

GGN’s landscape design is strategically planned to be an inviting and welcoming civic place for a broad demographic of users, morning through night. Thoughtful attention is placed on the integration of active program elements that will draw these users, such as a children’s play area, dog park, musician’s corner, flexible lawn spaces, and public seating. A robust palette of water-wise plants and adapted species will provide educational value to visitors.

Civic design moves include restoring Long Beach’s historic streetgrid, linking pedestrian spaces through plazas and promenades, opening up site lines to maximize signature views, and expanding the city’s existing bike system.

This project is targeting New Development LEED Gold Certification.

The Civic Center is being developed under an innovative public-private partnership with Plenary-Edgemoor Civic Partners and the City of Long Beach.

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GGN Participates in the Summit on Landscape Architecture and the Future

June 11, 2016 – On June 10 and 11, over 700 people attended the Landscape Architecture Foundation "Summit on Landscape Architecture and the Future" at the University of Pennsylvania. The Summit was called to "critically reflect on what landscape architecture has achieved over the last 50 years and present bold ideas for what it should achieve in the future.” Jennifer Guthrie, President-Elect of the Landscape Architecture Foundation, worked with the LAF Board and LAF Staff to plan this successful event.

Over the course of the two days, 70 established and emerging leaders presented their “Declarations” and engaged in lively debate about realizing landscape architecture’s potential and effecting real world change. Kathryn Gustafson was one of these distinguished speakers, and she spoke about the importance of resiliency and its relationship to beauty and the human spirit.

In addition to Kathryn Gustafson, several members of GGN's team were in attendance at the Summit, including Rodrigo Abela, Grant Stewart, Keith McPeters, Bernie Alonzo, Tess Schiavone, Jill Fortuna, Emily Scott, Michael Benson, Meg Herndon, and Cheryl dos Remedios.

From this Summit, the Landscape Architecture Foundation will redraft a new declaration that will set the course for landscape architecture to make its vital contribution in the 21st century. LAF also plans to produce a landmark publication of the ideas presented at the Summit.

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Rebecca Fuchs Interns at Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center

June 3, 2016 - As a key GGN design team member for the New Burke Museum, Rebecca Fuchs’ keen interest in native plants resulted in a six-week internship at Oxbow Farm & Conversation Center this spring, growing native plants from seed for the New Burke project. Oxbow’s native plant nursery aims to grow the highest quality native plants, using ecologically sound practices and local plant material, and to become a facility fostering research and education that contributes to the restoration, landscape, agriculture, and nursery-growing community.

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GGN Announces New Hires

May 27, 2016 - Several talented individuals have joined the staff of landscape architecture firm GGN.

Ashley Ludwig joins GGN as an Associate, following several years practicing landscape architecture in New York. She is a project leader for the India Basin Shoreline Park and the Long Beach Civic Center projects, both located in California.

Katherine Liss joins GGN as an Associate, following seven years practicing landscape architecture in New York. She is leading GGN projects throughout the United States.

Alex McCay joins as a Designer, having received his Masters in Landscape Architecture from Pennsylvania State University last year.

Wolfgang Umana joins as the Administrator of GGN’s Washington, DC workspace, having recently received a degree in Environmental Science and Public Policy from George Mason University.


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